The Message

The Message by Johnny Reed on ACT 2 The Johnny Reed Show #Alternative

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Why doesn’t Johnny Reed tour?

Well, my Songs are story songs of Life, whatever I want to sing about.  On “Third Time’s a Charm” I sing about relationships, social issues and life’s challenges.  My own life challenge doesn’t allow me to tour.  My daughter had a car accident that left her with a Traumatic Brain Injury , TBI, requiring 24hr care.  I couldn’t bear the thought of Kelly going to live a medical care facility, so I made the decision, without even really thinking about it, that I would bring Kelly home to live with me.  She is very happy I did this, as she is aware of everything, just trapped in a weakened body.

This decision has restricted my ability to get out and do things I could otherwise do with my career.  I love her dearly and my goal is for her to recover…. slowly, however long it takes,  and for her to not to be one of what I call the “Throw away people”, left in facilities for the rest of their lives, away from family and friends…